Of the concept models Yamaha announced it would introduce at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, it was the heavy-duty looking XTW250 RYOKU concept that drew the most attention from our readers. Here we have new photographs of Yamaha’s “SUV motorcycle” from the show floor of the Tokyo Motor Show courtesy of Colum Wood, editor of our sister site Autoguide.com, who was in attendance.

Yamaha describes the XTW250 RYOKU concept as an “unrestricted, anytime, anywhere” mobility vehicle offering performance, operability the capacity to carry heavy loads. The fat tires and front suspension appear to be similar to those of the Yamaha TW200 (hence the TW part of its name). The XTW250has a slim gas tank and a large rear carrier that can be swapped for a tandem seat.

Other practical features include a removable engine guard that doubles as a small shovel, kick stands on both sides, a windscreen that folds down above the twin headlights, removable LED fog lamps and a pair of AC 100V battery sockets to power various accessories. There also appears to be a compartment under the seat and behind the battery sockets (see below with the wrench symbol) for storing tools.

If there was one area commenters in our preview story would have liked to see, it’s a larger engine in the 450cc range. At the moment, the RYOKU is powered by a fuel-injected air-cooled SOHC 249cc single paired with a five-speed transmission.

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  • John Dewez

    I like it so much. I have the TW200 but geared it for freeway. I had the XT250 and did great as is. Put the fat tires on the XT250, and a bigger tank and the fun would be beyond anything today. Stock, should be the best fun and should need nothing.

  • bbtowns

    Reminds of me of the old Rokon Rangers, without water/fuel storage in the tires and two wheel drive.

  • Jeff Jones

    Please, for the love of god, put a 6 speed transmission in this thing.

  • Jefe

    Love this bike, is exactly what i need, i had the gs but this would be the perfect complement.
    I really hope this would be for sale soon.