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Piaggio Forms New Urban Mobility Think Tank

The Piaggio Group has created a new company with some of the brightest young minds out of Harvard and MIT all working to improve urban mobility. Piaggio Fast Forward will work out of Cambridge, Mass., bringing together students  from different backgrounds and disciplines to research solutions to today’s transportation problems and meet the demands of […]

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Honda Grom 50 Scrambler Concepts

Honda will debut two new Grom Scrambler concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The two concepts are actually based on the 50cc Honda Monkey platform as opposed to the 125cc Grom; the Monkey brand has a long history in Japan so it’s an odd choice to adopt the relatively new Grom name […]

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Honda Super Cub Goes Electric

The world’s most produced vehicle may be getting a new electric variant, with Honda announcing a new EV-Cub concept. Honda also revealed a gas-powered Super Cub concept, sharing a similar new design. Both concepts will be shown at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show alongside the Neowing hybrid trike and the Light Weight Super Sport concepts. […]

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Suzuki Reveals Concept GSX

Suzuki revealed a concept teasing its next-generation sportbike. Perhaps “sculpture” is a bit more accurate than “concept”, as it looks more like an art piece than a functioning motor vehicle. Suzuki actually describes it as a concept object rather than a concept motorcycle (Evans Brasfield likens the concept to a GSX soap-on-a-rope.) According to Suzuki, […]

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Honda Neowing Leaning Three-Wheeler Hybrid Concept Revealed

Honda appears to be following Yamaha into the leaning three-wheeler segment, revealing a radical new concept model for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Whereas Yamaha’s first leaning trike, the Tricity, is a commuter-friendly scooter, Honda is taking a much more aggressive approach with its Neowing concept. According to Honda, the Neowing sports an original linkage […]

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Honda “Light Weight Super Sport” Concept Revealed

Honda revealed a new sportbike concept described as a “Light Weight Super Sport”. Few technical details were released, but speculation is the concept will eventually enter production as a two-cylinder CBR250RR. We hope to find out more when the concept debuts at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in late October. A faint graphic on the […]

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