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British Motorcycle Industry Association Reacts to Brexit

On June 23, the United Kingdom held a historic referendum that saw a slim majority vote in favor of leaving the European Union. The “Brexit” side won by a 51.9% to 48.1% margin, setting off a chain of political and economical events including the resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron and a dramatic plunge […]

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BMW Announces “Riders of the Storm” Graphic Novel

BMW is teaming up with comic book publisher Panini Verlags to create a graphic novel titled “Riders in the Storm.” The book will be previewed at Comic Con Germany, June 25-26 alongside a specially designed G310R and is slated to begin publishing in October. The graphic novel will be written by the Eisner Award nominated […]

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Yamaha Reveals 05GEN and 06GEN Concepts

Concept models can usually be divided into two categories: those you hope would eventually become production models, and those that just leave you scratching your head. Yamaha‘s new 05GEN and 06GEN concepts perfectly illustrate this distinction. Over the last few years, Yamaha has presented a series of concept models exhibiting what it calls a “Refined […]

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