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Calfab Swingarm, Anyone?

MotoGP Werks, in lovely Anaheim, California, happens to be located right across La Palma Boulevard from the former site of the original Calfab swingarms, which were drooled upon by many a reader in the print magazine era. MGPW proprietor Chris Redpath couldn’t resist the karmic urge to attain the Calfab name and re-start the business. […]

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Harley-Davidson Sales Dropped 9.3% in US Over Second Quarter 2017

Harley-Davidson reported its second quarter 2017 results and the numbers aren’t pretty. H-D sold 6.7% fewer motorcycles worldwide (and 9.3% fewer in the U.S.) during the second quarter compared to the same period in 2016. Motorcycle shipments were down 7.2%. Overall, Harley-Davidson reported a net profit of $258.9 million, down from a profit of $280.4 […]

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