Yamaha is debuting a new heavy-duty utility motorcycle concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Described as the “SUV motorcycle”, the Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU was designed to carry heavy loads for both on and off the road. The concept’s name suggests it may share elements of Yamaha’s XT250 and TW200 dual sports. In fact, the fat front tire, wheels and forks look almost identical to those on the TW200 while the shape of the fuel tank resembles that of the XT250. Throw in a bit of the Honda Ruckus voila, the Yamaha XTW250 RYOKU.

Yamaha hasn’t revealed any specifics, but does describe features such as a low-mounted large-capacity fuel tank, chassis guards, removable LED lights, and a low center-of-gravity high-load rear carrier.

Hopefully we’ll have more information when Yamaha reveals the XTW250 RYOKU at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside the Y125 MOEGI and EC-Miu concepts.

[Source: Yamaha]

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  • Forrest

    seems like a larger engine would be nice, maybe a detuned 450? I’m sure the could get the 450s to produce massive torque down low.

  • sliphorn

    I like it! I agree with the other post, a 450cc would be better. But the 250cc would be adequate.

  • Vrooom

    Reminds me of a Rokon Ranger.


  • Plato

    I really like the rugged, no-nonsense, look. This might be the perfect bike for the crumbling roads and bridges riders face today. An additional 450 or 600/650 version could better handle the freeways as well.

  • kermic

    I’v had 3 TW200 and can’t wait for this to hit Canada.
    Looks like a great step forward for the T-Dub.
    Yamaha please listen to all of us and make the XTW 250 Ryoku
    E-mail me when it’s ready, my cash is waiting!!!!

  • andy

    Looks good for the winter rallys, 600 would be a great option

  • sliphorn

    Put a diesel motor in it and it’d be perfect for its intended use.

  • I’ve said for years they should put the XT motor in the TW. Great concept and hope like heck it comes to the U.S. market. A 450cc motor just wouldn’t work. Detuned or not it would produce to much torque and with the traction the TW tires get, it would just spin the rim inside the tires.

  • HotDog

    Wowsa! This bike is just what a old dog like me needs. The 250 is a perfect size for all around work and play. Please bring it to Dakota, PLEASE…..

  • Dan Anderson

    I have a TW200 with a larger Clark gas tank and Dirt Bagz to hold my camping gear. In spite of its wimpy engine this bike is fun. I’m excited about the added features as long as they have shaved some weight from the 25 year old design. Now if only Christini would make a two wheel drive kit for this XTW250S. I’ll list my TW200 for sale as soon as the XTW250 hits the showroom.

  • Patty


    build it and sell it in Germany!!!

    Girls want adventures too 🙂

    and NOT on a 1200 GS ;-]

  • Andy

    Saw this in Motorcyclist magazine. My Dad & I are hoping they bring this to the US. When I was younger we had a TW200 & we liked it. If they do bring this to the US they will be guaranteed a sale for 2 right off the bat.

  • Ray Worster

    YESm after years of fun on an MZ yes I know that sounds silly but its true I am now looking at a smaller bike to replace my K100RS because of my old age. This ticks so many boxes please make it and please sell it so we have a bike to take on the GS range at a lower price.

  • Anil Gautam SAAHAS

    Dear YAMAHA R & D Department, I hope you will read this.

    Website: http://www.saahas.in You may search me on Google and also see my profile on Face book.

    I am the Longest Motor Bike Rider & Greatest Promoter of Motor Biking in INDIA.
    In my riding career, which spans over 30 years & 8,00,000 kilometers, from Sand to Snow to Sea to Forest I have covered length & breadth of main lands of INDIA.
    But I never got a Motorcycle of my CHOICE.
    YAMAHA XTW 250 seems to be an appropriate Motor Bike for INDIAN conditions.
    My dream bike must be having following features:-
    1.At least 250cc.
    2.Approximately 30 bhp.
    3.Acceleration response like a Motocross Bike.
    4.Top speed approximately 140-150 km/hour.
    5.Single Cylinder ‘AIR COOL ENGINE’.
    6.Petrol Tank must be equipped with conventional Petrol Tap with ON,OFF & RESERVE.
    7.Petrol Tank Capacity must be according to the mileage so that it shall go at least 300 km.in one top up till coming in reserve.
    8.Tyre size Thick alike Yamaha XTW 250 Off & On Road.
    9.Spokes Rims must be equipped with Tyre Locks / Tyre Catchers / Rim Locks. 2 (TWO) locks must be fitted in opposite directions in one Rim.
    10.Along with the at least 90/100 watt OE Head Lights it must be equipped with a Pair of Auxiliary HID Lights with 35 watts each of 4100 kelvin (yes,LED lights consume less battery but they illuminate the near by area only).
    11.The Battery must be of at least 9 amp dry.
    12.It must have Self/Electric Starter but Kick also.
    13.With a side stand there must be Center Stand too (Good to work at the time of Break Down or Puncture).
    14.I would prefer a conventional silencer (instead of under seat) alike a Standard Model or Dakar Special(because to work on the Motor Bike there is no need to wait till the engine is cool.
    15.Hand Protectors shall be mandatory.
    16.I will prefer an Analogue Speed Meter with Odo & Trip Meter-MANDATORY.
    17.A pair of Rear View Mirrors.
    18.Appropriate Rear Seat for Pillion.
    19. Strong Foot Rests/Pegs for Pillion.
    20.For the Modern World the Motorcycle may be equipped with Disc Brakes but I would want an option of DRUM BRAKES in both Front & Back (this is a Secret).
    Looking forward for a prompt & positive response from YAMAHA.

  • Anil Gautam SAAHAS

    21.The Petrol Tank must be of metal, it is easy to repair while damaging at the time of accident.
    22.It can be a good idea if an spare Chain Sprocket Set be placed inside Engine Protection Shield/Plate made of metal.
    23.Pair of Horns must have sound decibel under pollution control but loud enough for Highways.
    24.An Emergency Blinker Switch shall be there alike cars.
    25.A conventional Off Road Handle Bar with a Rod welded or bolted in between the bar having thickness equal to handle bar to fix a GPS etc.

  • Mark

    Nice Idea but it needs more THUMP…. A 250 wont cut it….