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A spreadsheet from the United States Environmental Protection Agency listing 2013 motorcycle certification data includes information about new an all-new Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the Ninja 400R, while also confirming reports the new ZX-6R will return to a 636cc engine displacement.

Appearing on the EPA’s spreadsheet doesn’t necessarily mean these models will be introduced to the U.S. market however. The Kawasaki Ninja 400R was included in a similar document for 2012 but was never introduced. The 2013 document does not include a Ninja 250 (pictured above) which was recently updated for other markets, so it is likely to be replaced by the new Ninja 300.

According to the EPA document, the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 will be powered by a fuel-injected 296cc four-valve twin-cylinder engine. Power is listed at 29 kW (which translates to 39hp) at 11,000 rpm.The documents lists both an ABS and a non-ABS version.

The document doesn’t describe the styling, but it’s likely the Ninja 300 will resemble the recently re-designed 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250.

The Ninja 400R however may not be likely to hit the market. As mentioned, the 400R was listed in the 2012 documents but to this date has only been available in Japan and Canada. The 400R is more or less a smaller-displacement version of the pre-2012 Ninja 650. The fuel-injected 399cc Twin is listed as producing 43 hp at 9500 rpm. It seems unlikely however Kawasaki will bring both a 300 and a 400 to the U.S. at the same time.

The EPA spreadsheet lists the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R as having a 636cc four-cylinder engine, confirming previous reports of a return to the larger displacement. The new engine is listed as producing 129 hp at 13,500 rpm. The documents do not include a smaller-displacement version to meet supersport racing homologation rules so a 599cc ZX-6RR may not be coming.

We’ve contacted Kawasaki for a comment. We will update this post when we receive a response.

[Source: EPA]

  • Ray Roberts

    The EX400R is available in Canada for 2012. I work at a Kawasaki dealer and am happy to say that they are selling well.

  • Eddie

    This is wrong, the EPA filings DOES include the Ninja 250 with carburetors, not the new EFI version.

  • What date is the spreadsheet you’re looking at? The one we referenced for this article is from Aug. 14, 2012 and the only Kawasaki 250 single listed is for the carbed KLR250S.

  • Ben

    A 400 and 500cc is exactly what i’ve been hoping and wishing for here in the US. Hopefully 2013 is also the year they bring the 400 here