Kawasaki announced its 2013 Ninja 250 beginner model with an updated engine, ABS and ZX-10R-inspired styling. The changes come as Kawasaki faces competition in Honda‘s CBR250R which has stolen some of the Ninjette’s sales.

The updated 249cc Parallel Twin engine receives new sleeveless die-cast cylinders as well as updated pistons, crankcases and a new exhaust. The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 makes use of dual throttle valves like its big brothers the ZX-10R and ZX-6R. According to Kawasaki, the second ECU-controlled throttle valve helps to regulate intake airflow for a linear response, more efficient combustion and added power.

In most markets the Ninja 250 received fuel injection in 2008, though the U.S.-spec model had retained its carburetors. There’s no official announcement but we hope the U.S. model will finally catch up with foreign versions.

We also hope the U.S. customers will also get access to the new optional ABS-equipped version. According to Kawasaki, the ABS-equipped version weighs 383 pounds while the non-ABS version weighs in at 379 pounds (it’s not clear if this is the wet weight but for comparison purposes, Kawasaki claims the 2012 version weighs 375 pounds wet).

Kawasaki also updated the Ninja 250 with a new diamond-style frame that is said to be stiffer than the previous frame. Combined with revised damping and softer spring rates in the suspension system, Kawasaki claims the 250 offers increased comfort for city riding and firmer feeling for sportier riding.

Visibly, the 250 receives styling influences from the larger Ninjas. The new design uses dual headlamps instead of the previous model’s W-shaped single unit. Like the ZX-10R, the Ninja 250 gets a floating windscreen attached using only the mirror mounts. The side fairings feature new finned openings inspired by the ZX-14R to direct airflow.

Other updates include ZX-14R-styled 10-spoke wheels, a larger 140mm rear tire and a new instrument panel with analog tachometer and multi-function LCD screen displaying fuel gauge, dual trip meters, clock and an “economical riding indicator.”

Kawasaki is offering a number of regular and special edition color options, though not all will be available in all markets. The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 will be produced in Passion Red, Ebony and Pearl Stardust White with special edition versions in Passion Red/Stardust White, Ebony/Metallic Moondust Gray, and Lime Green/Ebony. U.S. pricing and availability has not been announced.

[Source: Kawasaki]


  • yuri calmon

    Meanwhile in Brazil still await the release of the KLR650, but to be sold here it will have to come with electronic injection

  • hi

    hey chung, you think it will be more powerful than 33 hp current version?

  • No official specs were released but I expect more power at lower and mid-range revs but likely not at the top end. Remember that this bike is billed as a beginner-level model and will be sold in markets where there are horsepower restrictions for entry-level riders. The U.K. for example, one of their new rider permit levels restricts young riders to up to 25 kW, or about 33.5 bhp.

  • GreenMtnHunter

    The bike goes 20+ years without an upgrade, and BAM! Two significant changes in five years…I guess the heat is on! Thanks for the details, and I hope the bike continues to be an entry level option, both in specs and price.

  • m n evans

    It’s not a 250, it’s a EX300. I found the EX300 on one of Kawasakis finance companies dealer web site.

  • There are rumors Kawasaki is developing a 300 version, though it will likely be offered in select markets. The model shown here though is a 250 and it’s now available in Indonesia (http://kawasaki-motor.co.id/product-detail/ninja-250r-new) and other markets.

  • joe

    there is awsome bike…great