Honda unveiled a new mid-sized naked standard using the 670cc parallel Twin engine and second-generation dual-clutch transmission.

The new Honda NC700S is powered by the same 670cc Twin engine as the Integra motorcycle/scooter crossover and the NC700X. Designed to be lightweight and fuel-efficient, Honda claims an output of 46.9 hp at 6250 rpm and 44.3 ft-lb. at 4750 rpm, while getting 63.5 mpg. With a 3.7 gallon tank, the NC700S should get a range of about 235 miles on a full tank of gas.

The optional dual clutch transmission is the same second-generation unit as used in the Integra, and is lighter and more compact as the original DCT introduced on the VFR1200F. Riders can shift gears with handlebar-mounted controls or let the DCT take care of it in either “S” sports mode or “D” mode for everyday riding.

The NC700S shares the same frame as the NC700X, and both models have underseat storage like a scooter, enough to hold a full-face helmet.

The seating position on the Honda NC700S is upright with wide handlebars and a 35-degree steering range which, combined with the engine’s low center of gravity, should help provide good control.

The suspension system is comprised of a 41mm with 120mm of travel, and Honda’s Pro-Link rear suspension system, also with 120mm of travel, but neither appear to be adjustable. Honda will also offer the NC700S with its combined ABS.

The 2012 Honda NC700S will be offered in Seal Silver Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White and Graphite Black.

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  • FatPossum44444

    Is Honda a synonym in Japanese for “bland and over-engineered”? I used to be the biggest Honda fan. I owned 5 of them. I have the jacket with the giant wing hanging in my front closet. But, somewhere along the line they completely lost touch with everything I want in a motorcycle. They need a good dose of taste and somebody to rein in the enginerds before they completely lose touch with reality.

  • Ken

    While I have become increasingly disappointed with the choices Honda has made regarding its bikes (and cars), the NC700S is the first design I’d actually be interested in buying. I see it replacing the departed Nighthawk 750 as a practical and comfortable, everyday-useful design.

  • sandmacker

    Who would buy this over the TDM 900 Yamaha , The 800 Triumph , 800 Yamaha , or the GSR 750 Suzuki ?
    I like twins. I own a TRX 850 and love it. This bike better be priced around the 500 Suzuki mark or it is a dinosaur before it hits the floor