Alongside the Honda NC700S at EICMA comes the NC700X, a “crossover” model with better off-road capability.

Like the NC700S, the 2012 Honda NC700X is powered by Honda’s new 670cc parallel Twin engine. Honda designed the engine to be highly efficient, with optimal performance at speeds up to 87 mph and the engine revving up to 6000 rpm, a range Honda’s research found accounts for 90% of an average commuter’s uses. The NC700X’s engine has been tuned to offer more power and torque than the NC700S, with Honda claiming 51 hp at 6250 rpm 45.7 ft-lb. at 4750 rpm (compared to the NC700S’ 46.9 hp at 6250 rpm and 44.3 ft-lb. at 4750 rpm figures. Like the NC700S, Honda claims the NC700X gets 63.5 mpg, enough for a range of 235 miles.

Like the NC700S, the Honda NC700X will be available with or without a dual clutch transmission system and combined ABS.

The NC700X shares the same frame as the NC700S and also offers underseat storage. The NC700X has a higher stance however with the seat 32.7 inches from the ground compared to the NC700S’ 31.1 inches. The NC700X’s suspension offers 153.5mm of travel to the front fork and 150mm at the rear, compared to the NC700S has 120mm of travel at both ends.

The 2012 Honda NC700X will be offered in four colors: Darkness Black Metallic, Digital Silver Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White and Magna Red.

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  • sprfrkr

    I liked it better when it was called ‘Ducati Multistrada’

  • J Penney

    NC700X at only 51 hp ? You’ve got to be kidding !! Even BMW’s scooter will have 60hp with a smaller engine !! Honda you’ve got yourself another DN-01 lemon ?? Will you ever learn ??

  • Pierre

    For english, see bellow.

    QUAND, mais QUAND les constructeurs japonnais vont-ils nous proposer des motos magiques?
    C’est quoi une moto magique ? 2 cylindres, 70 à 80 CV minimum, 1tempérament rageur, un chassis rigide, 2places.
    Bref une machine avec un GROS coeur, un GROS tempérament.
    KTM, Ducati, même Harley Davidson y sont arrivés !
    Alors pourquoi les 4 japs ne proposent rien !!!!

    WHEN, but WHEN the Japanese manufacturers will offer us Magic bikes?

    What a magical bike is?: 2-cylinders, 70 to 80 HP minimum, 1 angry character, a rigid frame, 2 seats.
    In short, a machine with a big heart, a heavy engine.
    KTM, Ducati, even Harley Davidson have got there!
    So why ther’s nothing from the 4 japs!

  • Dave

    63 miles per gallon is very impressive. The only thing on the market that compare to that mpg are scooters like the burgman. The NC700X is much sportier than those. This is not a superbike. It’s fuel efficient fun on a real motorcycle.