Honda announces additional 2019 models, which are mainly color updates. 

Begin Press Release: 

Additional 2019 Honda Street Models Announced

Sep 4, 2018 – TORRANCE, Calif. – American Honda today revealed a number of 2019 carry-over on-road models in a variety of categories, including Touring, Supersport, Cruisers, and Dual Sport.

Gold Wing

2019 Honda Street Models

This is the bike that invented the concept of the modern touring motorcycle. And reinvented it. And just last year, reinvented it all over again. The latest generation of Gold Wings are leaner, more refined, more up to date than ever. From their super smooth six-cylinder engines to their available 7-speed DCT automatic transmissions. From their revolutionary front suspension systems to tech features like Apple CarPlay™. Lighter, leaner, and designed to push the limits of what a touring bike can be, the 2019 Honda Gold Wing will expand your adventures beyond imagination. Inspire yourself.

  • Colors
    • Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour DCT: Candy Ardent Red, Darkness Black Metallic, Pearl Hawkseye Blue
    • Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT: Candy Ardent Red/Black
    • Gold Wing: Darkness Black Metallic
    • Gold Wing DCT: Candy Ardent Red, Matte Majestic Silver, Darkness Black Metallic
  • Price
    • Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT: $31,800
    • Gold Wing Tour DCT: $28,000-$28,500
    • Gold Wing Tour: $27,000-$27,500
    • Gold Wing DCT: $25,000-$25,300
    • Gold Wing: $23,800
  • Availability: Winter 2018
  • Info

While the announcement only involves carry-over models, Honda explained that all 2019 Gold Wing models will come with two SmartKeys and will receive Navigation System software updates. The updates include:

  • Voice route guidance will now continue after ignition is turned off and then back on.
  • Points of interest will now remain present after ignition is turned off and then back on.
  • Daylight savings change date is corrected.

In addition to incorporating these updates from the factory for 2019 Gold Wing models, Honda is making them available to 2018 Gold Wing owners, who will be able to download software updates using the Powersports website, beginning in fall.


There’s just something about cruisers that make you want to personalize them. These two Rebels are no exception. They’re absolutely beautiful bikes as is with their low-slung seats, great lean angle and blacked-out styling with matte touches—but you’ll still probably think of a few things to tweak. Just pick your engine size and you’re ready to make your Rebel your own.

  • Colors
    • Rebel 500, Rebel 500 ABS: Matte Gray Metallic, Matte Fresco Brown, Candy Orange
    • Rebel 300, Rebel 300 ABS: Matte Gray Metallic, Pearl Gray, Candy Orange
  • Price
    • Rebel 500 ABS: $6,499
    • Rebel 500: $6,199
    • Rebel 300 ABS: $4,799
    • Rebel 300: $4,499
  • Availability: January 2019
  • Info


2019 Honda Street Models

Some bikes are all about the way they look. Some are all about the way they make you feel. But Honda’s CBR600RR is all about one thing: Performance. And we’re not just talking about speed here—we’re talking about that elusive balance between power, handling, and braking, the holy trinity that wins races and that riders count on when there’s no room for error.

  • Color: Matte Black Metallic
  • Price
    • CBR600RR ABS: $12,799
    • CBR600RR: $11,799
  • Availability: November 2018
  • Info


2019 Honda Street Models

Go big or go home—sound like your way of thinking? If so, then step this way—we have the perfect bike for you: the 2019 Honda Fury. Motivating down the road with a 1312cc V-twin, there’s plenty of engine here. But the real statement isn’t just engine size—it’s the way this awesome custom machine looks.

  • Color: Pearl Hawkseye Blue
  • Price
    • Fury ABS: $11,449
    • Fury: $10,599
  • Availability: November 2018
  • Info

Shadow Phantom

2019 Honda Street Models

Meet the opposite of pretentious, diamond-encrusted, gold-plated, look-at-me bling: Honda’s Shadow Phantom. Here’s a bike for riders who know that sometimes a whisper is a whole lot louder than a shout. That when you’re confident, you don’t have to peacock around in a costume.

  • Colors: Black, Matte Pearl White
  • Price
    • Shadow Phantom ABS: $7,999
    • Shadow Phantom: $7,699
  • Availability: November 2018
  • Info


2019 Honda Street Models

The Honda XR650L is a legendary bike. Not for the way it looks or because of how many races it’s won. But because of how brutally perfect it is for serious off-road adventures. Fully street legal, thousands of riders use it as a brilliant commuter. But when the road ends and the trails start, an entire generation of riders has proven that this is the machine you want, because it never lets you down.

Color: Red

  • Price: $6,999
  • Availability: December 2018
  • Info