Along with an all-new CTX1300 and CBR1000RR SP announced at the 2013 EICMA show, Honda announced several more models returning for 2014 with some minor updates and new color options. Several of these models, such as the 500 series and the Gold Wing F6B were only introduced last year, so they receive just a palette update, while other models like the NC700X return with minor tweaks.

Read on for more details including pricing and availability.


The CBR1000RR (pictured at top) returns for 2014 with minimal upgrades. The engine gets its annual power boost via a new intake tract and exhaust system flowing through a new cylinder head. The 2014 colors will be black and a new pearl white. The C-ABS model will be available only in pearl white. At press time the price had not been set. Arriving in dealers in February 2014.

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Gold Wing

Picture 597

Honda’s flagship motorcycle, the Gold Wing, returns with no functional changes for 2014. Instead, all-new colors will grace this still formidable tourer. In January 2014, visit your Honda dealership to see the new GL in candy red, pearl blue, and black (with a complimenting blacked-out treatment). The base price of $23,990 remains unchanged.

Gold Wing F6B


Introduced in 2013, the Gold Wing F6B returns unchanged save for swapping yellow for red as one of the two color options. Black is the other choice. As with the Gold Wing, the F6B will be available in January 2014. The standard model weighs in unchanged at $19,999 while the Deluxe model receives a $100 bump to $21,099.


Picture 712

The economical NC700X gets a few upgrades for 2014. The instrumentation receives readouts for gear, fuel consumption, MPG, and miles to empty. The levers are now adjustable for those who wear small gloves. The NC700X’s silver paint is so last year as black joins red in the bike’s color palette. The new models will arrive in January 2014 for a yet to be determined price.

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While the CB500X may have been the last of the CB500 series to be released, it’s never too soon for a new color. For 2014, the CB500X will wear pearl white and the same $5,999 – $6,499 price tag starting in January 2014.


Picture 044

The capable, fun CB500F returns with absolutely no changes except the model year in 2014. That means that the standard model’s color options are pearl white and black while ABS buyers have a choice of black. The price remains $5,499 – $5,999. Check it out in January 2014.



Since all three members of the CB500 family share the same engine and chassis, it should come as no surprise that, like its siblings, the sportbike of the Honda’s 500 Twin series returns in January 2014 with the same price of $5,999 – $6,499 and a new color combination: pearl white/blue/red. Returning colors are red and black (which is also the only color in which the ABS model is available).



Fans of naked super bikes will be happy to know that the CB1000R will return for 2014. Although unchanged mechanically, the big CB gets some new bling with the matte gray metallic with a gold stripe paint and gold wheels. Price has yet to be set, but the arrival date is January 2014.


Picture 382The CBR600RR has always been a capable machine on track days, canyon runs, and racing. So, nothing will change since nothing has changed for 2014. The Repsol Edition color scheme may no longer be available, but red, black, and white/blue/red still are. As with last year, the C-ABS model will be available in red only. If you’re looking for one of these supersports, start hanging around your local dealership in March 2014. Pricing remains $11,490 – $12,490.


2007 Honda ST1300P

The ABS-equiped law enforcement ST1300P model returns for 2014 in the surprising color options of white and black/white. Pricing? If you have to ask, you probably aren’t on a police department’s payroll. Cops can look for their 2014 model in April 2014.



Before there was the Grom, Honda’s funky-cool ride was the Ruckus – which will be back again in 2014 in black and white/red in February 2014 for a MSRP to be set later.


Picture 194

The Metropolitan, Honda’s classic scooter, will still be available in 2014. Your new color choices will be candy orange/pearl black, pearl blue/pearl black, and pink metallic/pearl white. Price hasn’t bee set but the arrival date of February 2014 has.

[Source: Honda]