Over the river and through the woods, to an AMA National Enduro Championship title we go. 28 racers were awarded National Championship plates for amassing the most points throughout the arduous nine-round series in their respective classes.

Begin Press Release:

PICKERINGTON, OH – November 18, 2017 – After the final round of the KENDA AMA National Enduro Championship Series, Presented by Moose Racing, on Nov. 5 in Stanton, Ala., 28 AMA National No. 1 plates were awarded, with the top finisher in each class being recognized as an AMA National Champion for accumulating the most points throughout the nine-round series.

“The AMA National Enduro Championship Series was exciting all year long with emerging, new talent and breakout performances in almost every class,” AMA Off-Road Racing Manager Erek Kudla said. “Each AMA National No. 1 plate awarded was well deserved and required months of hard work and dedication. Congratulations to the 28 newly crowned AMA National Champions and the many competitors who participated in the series during 2017.”

For the second time in his racing career, Steward Baylor of Hodges, S.C., was the overall winner of the AMA National Enduro Championship Series.

He secured the win after the championship came down to the last test at the final round of racing and he was rewarded with an AMA National Championship for the victory. Baylor also won the overall championship in 2011.

“Coming into the last round with just two points separating me and Thad [Duvall], I knew I had my work cut out for me,” Baylor said. “The first thing I did when I won though, was go straight to Thad and congratulate him. The National Enduro series is a hard one to figure out, so winning this championship means a lot to me, because of the injuries I’ve faced. It’s made me have a different respect for the championship than I did when I was 17.”

For more information on the AMA National Enduro Championship series, visit www.nationalenduro.com.

The following class winners were awarded AMA National Championships:

Overall: Steward Baylor
66+: Fred Cameron
60+: Gordon Stout
Womens C: Allie Doland
C 50+: Lee Blesch
C 40+: Jason James
C 30+: Donald Smith
C 200: Slate Green
C 250: Nolan Hindman
C Open: Ronald Smith
B 55+: Ernie Ashley
B 50+: Travis Stauble
B 45+: Brian Stover
B 40+: Brian Massengil
B 30+: Eric Siegenthaler
B 200: Trale Henderson
B 250: Jacob Beck
B Open: Geof Warren
Womens Elite: Tayla Jones
A 55+: Greg Roberts
A 50+: Mike Grizzle
A 45+: Jeff Staples
A 40+: Steve Leivan
A 30+: Jd Friebel
A 200: Johnny Manera
A 250: James King
A Open: Sam Mattingly
Expert-AA: Thorn Devlin