There are action cameras that record great video, and there’s devices that record data such as acceleration, engine RPM, G forces, lap times, etc. Garmin’s new VIRB X and XE cameras combine these technologies into a single product.

The VIRB X and XE utilize internal sensors like the high-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, and compatible devices and accessories like an HRM-Run, fēnix 3 multisport watch or Vector power meter to track movements in real time and capture more performance data. Additionally VIRB X and XE are compatible with Bluetooth-enabled OBD tools to capture true vehicle data like speed, RPM and throttle position. Users can analyze their power output by overlaying Vector data, show off high G-loading, re-live the runs made and vertical feet covered with the help of fēnix 3, or see the acceleration and highlight top speed on the racetrack. Waterproof to 50 meters, the updated camera design doesn’t require an external case for underwater shooting.

“With the updated design, enhanced recording options, built-in sensors and the introduction of G-Metrix, VIRB X and XE represent a bold step forward in the evolution of action cameras for consumers and professionals alike,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “We are extremely excited to bring these cameras to market, and see not only the content that users share, but also how far, how fast, and how crazy their adventures really are.”

VIRB X and XE will be available for purchase in summer 2015. VIRB X will have a suggested retail price of $299.99, and VIRB XE will have a suggested retail price of $399.99. For more information go to