Moto Liberty Dallas, one of the nations largest motorcycle apparel retailers, needs your help. On January 30, the low-life thief you see in the picture above and video below stole a Dainese jacket and ran away with an accomplice waiting in a car outside.

The entire act was caught on Moto Liberty’s surveillance cameras (see the footage at the bottom of the page). In it, you can see the suspect, dressed in his best Colonel Sanders outfit, suspiciously walking through the aisles with a phone to his ears. He eventually picks his jacket and makes his way towards the cash wrap. He doesn’t stand in line long before dashing for the car.

The Moto Liberty employee gives chase, even jumping across the hood of the vehicle in an attempt to thwart the thieves. He’s unsuccessful, but thankfully only has a few scrapes and bruises to show for it.

Moto Liberty is asking for the public’s help in apprehending this despicable thief and his accomplice. Anyone with information regarding the suspect or the escape vehicle is encouraged to call Moto Liberty (800-214-RACE) or the Farmers Branch police department (972-484-3620).