Honda is introducing a new motorcycle for the African market that will be priced at about US$630.

Produced in Nigeria for sale across the continent, the new Honda CG110 is designed to offer good fuel economy and durability while meeting the challenge of Nigerian road conditions. Honda plans to sell 40,000 units per year at a price of 100,000 Nigerian naira.

The CG110 is the third model produced by Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) Ltd. The company introduced the Ace CB125-D (pictured below) in 2011 alongside the Ace CB125 variant designed for motorcycle taxi services. The two Ace models are back for 2014 with minor updates. 121013-2014-honda-ace-cb125

Honda did not reveal any specifics but judging by the photographs, the CG110 appears to share the same frame, wire spoke wheels, drum brakes and twin rear shocks as the Ace CB125. The telescopic fork appears to be different, as are the front fender, exhaust and passenger grab rail. The Ace CB125’s circular headlight and the CB125-D has Y-shaped headlight in a small fairing while the CG110 uses a rectangular headlight. The CG110 also features a flatter fuel tank, high handlebars and circular mirrors.

And of course, the CG110 has a smaller engine, fitting into the top-selling 110cc segment of the African market.

[Source: Honda]