Honda announced two low-priced small-displacement motorcycles to be produced and sold in Nigeria.

The Honda Ace CB125 and Ace CB125-D were developed to be affordable, durable, easy to use and offer good fuel economy. Honda will introduce the CB125 and CB125-D at about 100,000 Nigerian naira (US$627), a price point that Honda expects to be affordable for many Nigerians, with the manufacturer targeting annual sales of 100,000 units.

The Honda Ace CB125-D (pictured in blue) will be offered as a consumer model while the CB125 version (red in the photographs) with its longer seat and higher load capacity, is intended for use as a bike taxi.

Honda plans to introduce the two Ace CB125 models to other African nations.

[Source: Honda]

  • I bet that thing gets a million miles a gallon! This is just what the US market needs to entice new/low budget riders! Or do we need to move to Africa to get practical transportation that doesn’t leave you in years of debt?

  • JMDavis984

    Under $700! Are you kidding me! Bring that to the US, don’t change the price point, and they would sell TONS of them. I would buy one right now.

  • Eric

    Imagine how many more of your friends of ours would pick up riding if it was less finically damaging to learn how to ride? Buy one of these new $999 in the USA (just being realistic, we’d have to pay more for it here. Sadly.). That’s low enough for most of us to buy just as a weekend toy. Grocery getter, commuter, certainly perceived in a better light than scooters are. I think I just sold myself! Now where can I find room for a 4th bike?

  • fantastic

  • Steven Stewart

    After having researched a few bikes in my time it seems that sometimes Australia gets bypassed by Motorcycle Manufacturers for delivering their most useful economical practical bikes!
    A good example of this would be the Honda CG-125 1976 model
    that was almost indestructible and was specifically engineered for 3rd world Countries and the economy of that Motorcycle was unbelievable or so the article goes that featured in one major Motorcycle magazine in Australia but the English found out about it and now they are all over the place over there!that little tiddler was reported to bring in close to 200mpg!!! at 30km/hr which is very useful if you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere so cheap!!

    Cheers all

  • Steven Stewart

    YOu could sell hundreds of those Motorcycle taxi’s on the Gold Coast

  • Thanks for introducing these low priced Honda brands am selling my old bajaj ct 100 to buy a Honda ACE 125 from your Agents here in Tanzania,Bravo for bringing us a low priced Honda,I desired to own one but it was expensive, this time you got me.also Bring us ACE 125 CB-D

  • Wim

    Where are the agents located in Tanzania? I am looking for a bike to commute around with.

  • Hassan

    this bike is now being sold in Egypt too ,i bought it its very reliable bike

  • Omar Abeid Baabde

    Hello HONDA Thnks A Lot For Bringing Us Low Priced Bike Here In Africa I Owned Bajaj CT-100 Like My Brother Who Commented before … So Am In Tanzania Please Locate Me Your Agent In Tanzania Or You Can Give Us They are Contacts Then I Will Contact To Them Inshaallah… This Is My Number +255716033683 Thank You For Your Co-operation 🙂

  • seif albusaid

    Dont buy this bike its a chines honda. I own one .it has engine noise,high vibrations,the engine seuse frequently,no electric starter,chases material are so weak.thus why its the chipest honda in the world. I blame honda japan for giving leacens to chines to produce such toy.big mistake i ready not trusting honda products from noW

  • Tony Urica

    It is good for Africa but you must produce it in such away that can at least last for some long time. I Should like to become a dealer because I have a company here in Angola.

  • Lindley Bergue

    Amazing this motorbike, i own an Ace 125, it is very economic in fuel, it makes about 45 Km/l.



  • Hyasinta njau

    I want to buy them can I get the contacts

  • nat

    the honda cb 125 is economical in fuel consumption,light,sturdy and
    confortable;but an alloy wheel and an electronic starter will be a plus