The Sora electric motorcycle, from Canadian company Lito, is one in a line of e-bikes looking to change the public perception about electric transportation. Powered by a liquid-cooled AC motor fed from a 12kWh lithium-polymer battery pumping 66.4 ft.-lbs. of torque, the Sora appears to be your conventional motorcycle.

However, the Sora, like the Brammo Empulse, features a transmission. This one a CVT unit which, for an ICE vehicle, keeps the engine spinning at its most efficient rate. We’ve been less than enthusiastic about the six-speed box in the Brammo, but until we get a chance to ride it we’ll reserve judgement for the Sora other than to wonder whether it’s really necessary.

The CVT is the big talking point surrounding the Sora, but two other features help it stand out from the pack. First is the electronically controlled seat, which adjusts from 29.5in. to 33.5in. at the push of a button. This is a handy feature to accommodate a variety of rider sizes, but can also be useful if the rider wants to change their stance mid ride.

Range anxiety is a major talking point among e-bike critics, and Lito believes it has found a cure with the software it has developed specifically for the Sora. Called the Safe Range System, this patented technology allows you to set your destination and the onboard computer system “will manage the amount of energy available to get you there.” Of course, we can already see hurdles for this system, like how fast (or slow) the bike will go, but at the very least it’s an innovative idea with future potential.


Otherwise, the Sora lends itself to being a sporty motorcycle, with an aluminum frame, carbon fiber bodywork, 43mm inverted fork and Elka shock in back, both fully adjustable, 120/70 and 180/55 – 17 tires, 310mm twin discs with radial-mount four-pot calipers, 25-degree rake and a 59.0-inch wheelbase. With those specs it should negotiate a turn with decency, though it will ultimately be hampered by its 573.2-pound heft.

Lito says the bike has a 124-mile (200km) range in the city, half that for the highway. It also features regenerative braking, an integrated touch screen display with GPS functionality, and an on-board storage compartment with power supply right where the traditional gas tank would sit. It’s J1772 compatible and should take about nine hours to recharge a completely drained battery.

Then there’s the price. At roughly $45,000, it’s not chump change. But if you’re looking for something different in the world of e-bike technology, the Sora might be the way to go. Visit the Lito website for more information about the company and the motorcycle.