Australian rider Alan Kempster lost his right arm and leg in 1990 when an intoxicated truck driver crashed into his motorcycle. The accident changed Kempster’s life, but what it did not do was dampen his spirit and his love of racing.

The determined Kempster rigged a racebike and returned to the track, not only competing against abled riders, but also winning. Kempster currently a Kawasaki ZXR400 converted with all the controls to the left side of the bike and competes in a Formula 400 racing series in Australia. Kempster is now working to establish a motorcycle riding school for disabled people.

A Japanese film company caught wind of Kempster’s story and produced a short documentary about his passion for racing (look for it after the jump). Kempster’s story is an inspiration for all riders, able or otherwise.

“I’d just like to say to anyone with a disability, if you have a dream and a passion, you have to follow it. You’re the one who has to make it happen,” Kempster says in the film.

Kempster’s spirit extends beyond motorcycles. He is also a competitive water skier, representing his country 10 times and winning three world championships in the sport, another reason he deserves  admiration.

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