A Harley-Davidson dealership in Pueblo, Colo., suffered some serious damage after heavy winds from a spring storm ripped off the wall of the dealership’s second floor.

The 34,000 square-foot Outpost Harley-Davidson dealership on I-25 in Pueblo usually features a high front wall that sticks up above the building’s gable roof (see the “before” picture below). The damage occurred early in the morning and it’s not clear at this point if anyone was around when it happened.

Police are warning people to stay away from the area. Police also warn motorists about debris from the building flying across the Interstate.

The spring storm is creating tornadoes and dumping heavy snow on parts of Colorado, forcing the cancellation of 465 flights from Denver International Airport.


[Source: Pueblo Chieftain (Twitter)]

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    Ok if your going to report it get it right. It’s i-25 not 95 where ever the heck that is

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