BMW has reportedly delayed delivers of the revamped R1200GS in Italy to correct a problem with its Telelever front suspension.

According to, BMW discovered a problem where the Telelever meets the steering plate. BMW reportedly has a fix, but it requires some special tooling.

The delay affected some early deliveries to customers and also prevented many Italian dealers from offering demo rides this past weekend when the 2013 BMW R1200GS was to start appearing in showrooms. reports some dealerships were able to get the suspension problem corrected and hold demo rides over the weekend so it appears as though BMW has got a handle on the issue. It’s not clear at the moment whether deliveries to other markets including the U.S. will be affected.

More troubling however is this is not the first problem to come up for the R1200GS. We’ve previously written about two separate issues flagged for recall by Transport Canada for a potential transmission oil leak and a problem with the traction control software.

It’s not unusual for new products to go through a bit of a teething problem as the bugs get worked out. On the positive side, BMW is addressing several issues before the R1200GS gets put into the hands of consumers. On the other hand, these problems give the BMW’s most important model a rather negative start.


  • Not Me

    And so it begins…

    Who will spill the beans first? Several journalists on the 2013 GS Press Launch had wild tank slappers over corrugated roads that broke the lock stops off the frames — sadly in Kevin Ash’s case it was this chassis defect that most likely killed him.

    Why the silence BMW? You quarantined the crash site. Took away the bike. And now this recall? There were enough journalists on the launch who know the truth that it will come out eventually. Highly experienced riders don’t just die on straight flat dry gravel roads.

    The new 2013 BMW 1200GS – ‘The Widowmaker’

  • iain

    Well well, Experienced riders will know, pity more about the crash that resulted in the loss of a father, husband, and great bike man, has perhaps not yet come out.

  • drivit

    aftermarket steering stops are available for GS,
    not new, must be something else. wish i could read italian.
    tranny leaking from a pressure induced seal leak?
    head scratcher for all kind of reasons. software problems are not suprising.