The 2004 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Night Train that floated 4,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean from tsunami-wracked Japan will be enshrined at the Harley-Davidson Museum at the request of its owner.

Ikuo Yokoyama lost relatives and his home during the disaster, as well as a box truck containing the Night Train. The storage container was recovered on an island in British Columbia, Canada, by beachcomber Peter Mark, more a year after the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, with the motorcycle damaged but mostly intact.

Harley-Davidson had originally offered to restore the lost motorcycle and return it to Yokoyama but the 29-year-old asked instead for the Softail to be preserved in the Harley-Davidson Museum as a memorial to the 15,000 lives lost in the disaster.

“Since the motorcycle was recovered, I have discussed with many people about what to do with it. I would be delighted if it could be preserved in its current condition and exhibited to the many visitors to the Harley Davidson Museum as a memorial to a tragedy that claimed thousands of lives,” says Yokoyama who still lives in temporary housing.

“I am very grateful to Harley-Davidson for offering me an opportunity to visit the museum, and I would like to do that when things have calmed down,” says Yokoyama. “At the same time, I would like to meet Peter, who recovered my motorcycle, to express my gratitude. Finally, I would like to thank all people around the world once again for their wholehearted support of the areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami. I would like to ask them to help convey messages from the Japanese people about the tragedy of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which was a disaster of historic proportions.”

[Source: Harley-Davidson]

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  • Daryl Neal

    And still no mention of HD generously giving this guy a replacement as a good will, advertising &/or sympathetic guesture. But HD is only to happy to take his bike as an exhibit in their museum. Unbelievable.

  • To be fair, this was the owner’s idea.

  • Fonz

    The guy is living in temporary housing, and even when he had a house, the motorcycle was in storage (which is why it survived at all). It doesn’t sound like having a motorcycle is very high on his list of priorities these days.

    And, “advertising”? You’re giving H-D a hard time for adding to their museum a monument to the Japanese tsunami victims, and not using the opportunity for “advertising”, really?

    H-D did donate a Road King (autographed by hundreds of celebrities), which was auctioned for over $800,000, to benefit the tsunami relief effort. But yeah, it’s “unbelievable” that they didn’t just give it to this one guy. What heartless bastards they are.