American Honda and Honda Canada haven’t yet officially announced they will import the new Honda CRF250L, but the parent company has outed the dual-sport’s availability in North America.

Honda has launched a new micro-site dedicated to the CRF250L describing its features including its CBR250R-derived engine. The section discussing the CRF250L’s muffler explicitly confirms an American and Canadian model, saying: “the model for the United States and Canada complies through additional settings for a spark arrestor.”

The section on the CRF250L’s engine also confirms the dual-sport will be CARB-compliant, stating: “the power unit for the U.S. and Thailand also complies with those countries’ environmental regulations, specifically California’s evaporative emission standards and Thailand’s 6th emission standards, through the adoption of an evaporative emission control system.”

We expect to see an official announcement from both Honda’s U.S. and Canadian arms in the weeks to come.

[Source: Honda]

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  • Mike

    Yes please, cant wait to take a test ride to see how much it trounces the underpowered 230

  • This little bike looks soo like so much kickass fun to ride! Dude, if they would produce a CRF250L Supermoto, I would buy it in a heartbeat!!!

  • Chris

    Gotta have it in white. If it only comes in red in the US then its a no go. I hate red bikes.