The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show has produced a number of new concepts but there is at least one new production model. Honda premiered a new dual-sport powered by a 249cc engine reportedly based on the CBR250R’s power plant.

The 2012 Honda CRF250L is a step up from the CRF230L and its carbureted air-cooled 223cc SOHC engine. The new CRF250L is powered by a fuel-injected liquid-cooled DOHC four-valve Single Honda claims delivers “satisfying” torque at low revs and smooth acceleration at high rpms. Honda hasn’t revealed any specifics but if the engine is indeed the same as that of the CBR250R (and considering the R&D invested into that engine, it should be!), power output should be about 22hp.

Other features include an upside-down fork, Pro-Link suspension, aluminum swingarm, wave-shaped rotors and multifunction digital display.

At the moment, the CRF250L is only confirmed for the Japanese market but hopefully we’ll see it in North America, potentially as a replacement for the CRF230L.

[Source: Honda]

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  • rajkamal

    honda the best nobody can beat

  • savy pan

    when the 2012 Honda CRF250L will be in the US market?

  • The current CRF230L (223cc) low tec engine, bike is loaded up with a bunch of burdensome emission junk & is so lean from the factory that it needs much work done on it from day 1 just to make it run correctly in colder climates.( Thank you CA for messing up everything.) I hope the new 250L retains the lower seat height. There are not a lot of choises in the market as of now, for shorter people. ( This is one of the resons I like the CRF230L even with all the extra trouble of having to rejet and desmoging a new bike. Some of us just like to trial ride and sight see on a trial bike that dosn’t need to be trialer to get to the trials. Also the MPG’s on the little bikes is vary good..

  • Tony

    I had a CRF230L and it had no guts when on the road, I am hopeful that the new CRF250L has a lot more guts. From what I am seeing on the internet, it does. Top speed on my 230 was sometimes 70 on a good day, the top speed of the 250 seems to be around 85 to 90mph, that is impressive, and still get great MPG. Cruising at 70 for short distances, shouldn’t be a problem.