The Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride will take place this Sunday, May 23rd across North America.  John Fox (better you don’t know his name, trust me!), organizer of the Phoenix Motorcycle Riders Group, has produced an impact-full video that advises drivers to keep your eyes open and pay attention to motorcyclists while driving.

Checkout the video after the jump.

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  • Joe

    BS. If you expect other drivers to start paying attention to keep you safe you are already a dead man. Cagers DO NOT SEE bike. That’s never going to change. The only person who will ever look out for you is you.

    Save your energy for driving defensively.

  • Pam

    I can’t believe how many people out there really don’t give a damn about motorcyclist. I think it is time for someone to tell you exactly who we are and what we do. You all think that because we ride a bike that we must be in a club and doing things that are illegal. Well let me tell you this; My husband and I have been riding a Harley for many years and we do not cause any harm to you. My husband is a truck driver and I am a nurse, we have 2 beautiful grandchildren they love to go out for rides with grandpa, We both work full time, own our home, pay our taxes, obey the laws and love to go for a ride when ever we can. Every time we go out riding I see people trying to run us off the road (because they were not paying attention or they want to go faster than us because we’re doing the speed limit). We are alive today because we take the time to pay better attention. Why is it that the people who choose to buy fancy cars and trucks feel that they don’t have to share the road with any one else? All we want to do is go out on a nice sunny day and ride, we enjoy it and there is nothing better than feeling the wind and sun on your face. We say a prayer before we leave and hope that we get home safe. I beg you all to PLEASE, PLEASE look before you move. We don’t try to keep you off the roads, please don’t try to keep us off. And if you do have an accident with us PLEASE don’t leave the seen of the accident. This has been happening far to much lately and leaving is only going to make it harder on you. Remember we don’t want to know your name and you do NOT want our friends to know yours. If you have ever left the seen of the accident with a motorcycle or other vehicle you need to come clean and turn yourself in. This statement includes the person in the BLACK truck that nearly killed friends of ours and then left the scene, there were many witnesses.You know who you are, the accident was in June in Killeen by 190 and Fort Hood Road. You left our friends there to die instead of stopping and taking your punishment for hitting them. You probably don’t care but the passenger on that bike will never work again and can hardly walk, she is the mother of a beautiful girl who really needs her mom, now she just considers herself to be lucky enough to still have her.
    I know many of you will read this and say that we deserve what we get out there, what if you found out that it was a family member of yours, would you still feel that way? PLEASE just give us a break all we ask is to be able to enjoy a ride on a beautiful day just as you do in your cars and trucks….. Thank you for your time and I hope that you will take the time to think about this and if you have any information on the accident that almost took our friends life please, please contact the Killeen police department. Witnesses,also stated the truck was black!!!! PLEASE HELP US FIND THIS PERSON SO OUR FRIEND CAN START TO HEAL KNOWING THEY ARE OFF THE ROAD.
    Thank You