Artist and Washington DC native, Theresa Honeywell, has knitted herself an interesting creation.  From what I have gathered on her site, the idea behind her work is to take an item from “macho” culture and wrap it up in a traditional “feminine” medium.  Pretty in pink or just another pathetic attempt to call this art?

Check out some closeup photos after the jump.

  • gaia

    How can you call someone’s artwork pathetic. Do you have any idea how much time and effort went into this creation. What gives you the right to call any persons creation pathetic. Put yourself out there and let’s see your pathetic attempt at creationg art. I think it’s beautiful. All pink and cozy and girlie with big kisses on the seat.

  • toomanycrayons

    Let’s be fair, it looks as much like a proper motorcycle as a Victory Vision Tour.

    Anyway, who doesn’t admire a woman who’s good with her hands? Think of her as a really patient Christo.

  • SpectreSteve

    Flippin’ brilliant. Go Theresa GO!!!!!!!!

  • Caithness11

    A young English fine art student completed her degree last year and decided to “yarn bomb” a motorbike never having heard of Theresa and her bike.
    Google her Katie Corbin knitted motorbike and look at the website for pictures.