Picture a Motorcycle in your mind, any Motorcycle. It could be one you own, want to own, one you’ve seen. Can you picture it?  What Brand is it?  What Model, year, how fast does it go?  You can probably picture each of these elements vividly. Well, how about the color – did you see pink?

Would these bikes be as hot if they were hot pink?

If you did, you’re probably a numbered few who did. Fewer who would admit it!

Pink just isn’t a color which is commonly associated with Motorcycles. Sure there are some out there, but have any of them been built that way?  I’ve never heard of a Pink Harley-Davidson rolling off any assembly line. Motorcycles tend to be clad in overtly masculine colors like black, red, orange, blue and green. These are all colors which emote a certain attitude about what motorcycles are supposed to be all about. Speed, Power, Freedom and Strength.

Why are Motorcycles made in these colors more often?  Well, if you’ve studied art or design you are familiar with color theory. This says that each color prompts us to feel a certain way emotionally. I know, if you are a tough biker emotions aren’t so easy to come by, but hang with me… If you don’t believe this than why do we get so annoyed when stuck behind a Red light? 🙂

Here’s what some colors do to us, emotionally.

The most emotionally intense color.
Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.
3. Conflicting emotions: love to violence and warfare.
1. The most romantic color
2. Is tranquilizing
3. Sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy.
1. The color of authority and power.
2. Black outfits can also be overpowering.
3. Villains, such as Dracula, often wear black.
1. Brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity rather “Purity”.
2. White reflects light and is considered a summer color.

Notice which emotions Red and Black are supposed to evoke from us. These colors are more closely associated to Power and Passion, no wonder there are more Red and Black Motorcycles than any other colors. Counter that with the effects of the colors Pink and White on us.

Words like “romantic”, “Tranquilizing” and Loss of energy will never be used to sell any Motorcycle. Neither would those colors. So, after all that you might ask, “what’s the deal with pink motorcycles?” Easiest answer, they are owned by girls. 🙂

Pink Motorcycles Pictures:

Pink Motorcycles Videos:

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  • Phoghat

    You know, I saw a pink Harley parked the other day and thought that it was just sad.

  • fangette

    Why did you think that it was sad??? Cause a girl had the balls to say I like pink, and i want my bike pink?? I am a girl, I own a harley, guess what, I have always wanted a pink bike. My bike will be pink within the next year. Still a Harley! My husband says that he is proud that I am willing to stick up for what I want. So be sad all you want, LOL, I am just being me.

  • thegirl

    I agree with ‘fangette’. So what if a girl wants her bike pink? After all, it is HER bike. MAN up, girls will soon be taking over 😀

  • R6boy

    Theres nothing hotter than a chick with her own bike! Pink is a way for the girls to declare themselves with such in a loud way. So I guess you could think of pink as ‘aggressive and macho’ but macho with a female energy. Rock on!

  • I have a pink Yamaha R6 and am very proud of it..And My husband has a much nicer bike ..it is a GSXR 100 with the chrome wheels and all but he gets more attention with me than by himself by far…There wasn’t a single girl in my town that had a pink bike until I stepped out with it and then, next thing I know everyone was doing it..there are not that many chics that ride anyway…but the few that do…followed the leader..lol! I am in the process of re-painting mine now bc someone I don’t like went and got a very similar paint job on the same kind of bike…UGH!!I am still doing the pink tho…just another shade & maybe some ghost flames or something..I wanna “wild it out”…but whatever hubby feels is in the budget..it gets expensive..I love PINK! And I love the fact that guys are going pink too..I just watched a video of a guy on an all black bike w/pink wheels..Looked good, I wouldn’t have imagined it looked that good but it did…GO PINK!!! HARLEY’S, CROTCH ROCKETS OR WHAT HAVE YOU..IT’S ALL GOOD IF IT’S PINK!~
    Much love,Hollie~
    You can see mine on my facebook or myspace..I don’t know the url to facebook, but look up Hollie Worthington in Knoxville TN… but my myspace is Myspace.com/worthington1229

  • Sorry, I meant he had a Gsxr1000, not 100…lol!! But if you know bikes, you knew what I meant…

  • actionbastard

    Omg you saw a harley.. dang that is a shame I really feel for you and the color pink for being put threw something that is so so so so so weak like a harley.

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