Picture 1Some engineering students at the University of Minnesota have come up with a concept that gives paraplegics the opportunity to ride a motorcycle. The bike is fitted with landing wheels, when the motorcycle comes to a stop the stabilizing wheels will drop.  Tim Bettger, one of the members from “Team Motorcycle”, explains how the the concept works in the demonstration video, Bettger happens to be a disabled rider himself.

The bike will be shipped to Calgary, Alberta, and give Scott Tyson the opportunity to fulfill his dream of riding through the Rockies on a motorcycle.  Tyson lost the use of his legs 16 years ago in a motorcycle accident.

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    I’m a RAK Amp and would like one of these for the right side of my bike, how would i get a hold of one?

  • AK

    Great news!

    I’d just like to mention that for paraplegics and others with walking disabilities there is also the option of electric scooters which as also great for the environment.

    AK (Pride Go Go Elite)