Paul Teutul Sr. from OCC, once again finds himself in the spotlight, this time it’s for building the worlds first totally green custom motorcycle that was commissioned by Siemens.  Some features of the bike include: a clutch-less transmission, 27-horsepower engine and a top speed of 100 mph.  You can plug the bike into a standard 110-volt plug, takes 5 hours to fully charge and has a 60 mile range on a full charge.

The Siemens Smart Chopper will go on tour this year to help promote green technology and will be auctioned off for charity at some point next year.

See the interview with Paul Teutul Sr. after the jump.

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  • Ron Walters

    Ouch, is all I can say and that was a terrible interview for Paul Sr. – sorry. I respect Paul Sr and his family for making OCC all what it is today. To see regular Joe’s like me make it in the business world is more than quite inspiring, however, if you’re going to an interview to discuss green technologies you had better surround yourself with people that can set you up with the detailed facts. The facilities is “52% above” well, above what exactly? The bike runs on 110 – is that bananas or volts? The bike is futuristic because it runs on batteries, damn, my rechargable winding flashlight must be totally George Jetson… I have seen other recent interviews, and watch the shows and if Paul really wishes to take OCC to the next level, in a declining chopper market, he really needs to polish his interviewing skills. He was once quite good at being a spokesman representing the company – I don’t know what has happened… Call me in CT and I will help with the coaching.