Rich O’Connor is the owner of Rich’s Custom Seats in Kingston, WA, which is about 1 hour North of Seattle.  O’Connor’s specialty is motorcycle seats and has been creating them for over twenty years and on average he does about 2,700 of them per year, he has built a great reputation and is considered a true artist by many.

Being a motorcycle enthusiast himself, O’Connor has been riding for forty years with hundreds of thousands of miles under his belt he has a good understanding of what it takes to create a perfect seat.  O’Connor thinks of his shop more like an art studio because every seat is a one-off design and fit, requiring every customer to test-drive the new custom seat.

I can make a seat any shape in the world, but the one thing I can’t do is be their body down the road. So after someone test rides the seat, they can give me input so I can adjust it perfectly. And there’s no better place to test ride motorcycles than over here.

Check out some of Rich’s work after the jump.

  • he can make a seat any shape in the world, but the one thing he can’t do is be their body down the road, that’s funny 🙂 I like this post… thanks man.

  • D. Smith

    I am not happy with the service I received at Rich’s Custom seats. I think he’s a nice guy and all but after spending the first whole day there the seat was not very good. It did look nice but was very uncomfortable. When I went back to spend a second whole day there, I politely told him the seat needed to be more scooped out and back an inch. What I ended up with was flatter seat not moved back at all. And much less comfrtable than the seat I went in with.

    You would think that someone who offers a “custom” service might actually listen to his customers. This did not happen in my case. I took the seat off of my bike immediately when I got home after the second “fitting” because it is the most uncomfortable seat I have ever ridden on.

    Since he generally has 6-8 people there at a time and does not actually build the seats himself, it’s really more of an assembly line than a custom shop if you ask me. Maybe the fact that he tries to serve that many people at a time is the reason he didn’t listen to me and built me a seat this is, quite frankly, unrideable.

    I know of several other people who had similar experiences at Rich’s Custom Seats so I know that my experience with Rich’s Custom Seats is not all that unique. I know that Rich has many satisfied customers but he also some unsatisfied ones as well.

    If you do decide to use Rich’s shop, be aware that, despite the high price, Rich offers no guarantee so you’re risking quite a bit of time and money on something you may or may not be happy with. If your current seat just needs a nice cover, then I would take it to another shop which will cost you much less.

    I would not recommend Rich’s Custom Seats to a friend.