Buell is getting their priorities straight these days, and nothing says this more then their new 2010 Buell Blast (pictured above).

How do you ride that?

You don’t. Buell has deemed the Buell Blast as “cute”, which does not fit in with their drive towards making the best and fastest sportbikes out there.  And so they’ve crushed their remaining Buell Blasts and will try to ignore the bike ever existed (probably).

The Buell Blast was a cute little motorcycle. It just never made much of a sportbike. But, as luck would have it, it makes a killer ottoman. Or end table. Or art piece.

Believe it or not, Buell has submitted the New 2010 Buell Blast to Motorcycle.com’s own Specs tool, featuring specs and data on this fancy new Buell ottoman.

New 2010 Buell Blast Specs

See the rest of the post for the 2009 Buell Blast and then the crushed 2010 Buell Blast version.

Before (2009 Buell Blast):

After (2010 Buell Blast):

Want these as desktop wallpapers?  Head over to Buell’s website to nab them!

  • Brian

    Brilliant marketing! I cannot ****ing wait to see the next gen! Go Buell! Go!

  • Ern

    Seems appropriate for any Buell with a HD engine as well.

  • lwatcdr

    Terrible. Really seems like something that a 16 year old would do. The Blast wasn’t hardcore enough?
    The Blast was a nice little bike but a little expensive for what you got. The Blast was an easy to ride bike with low seat height and good handling. I guess Kawasaki and Suzuki will keep the small good bike market for themselves.
    I guess Buell just doesn’t have the talent to make a great starter bike so it is probably for the best they get out of that market. I guess the little show is just a way to cover their failure.
    Too bad I was really hoping that we would see a new Blast with a water cooled single and FI.

  • I understand the value of shock marketing. I saw an online ad and just couldn’t stop myself from clicking through to see what the pile of Buell Blast scrap was all about. That said, it made me sad to see a perfectly good motorcycle abused and wasted in this manner. Cute the Blast may be but in a world that sees fit to product precious few beginner bikes it is refreshing that someone still makes a sane, entry level bike with a modicum of sporting aspirations. What a beginner needs the Blast has in abundance including torque, a low seat height, light weight, nimble handling and entry level pricing. While I am sure the new 2010 Blast will be special and live up to its hype, I just hate to see any motorcycle, especially one with as much going for it, reduced to scrap.

  • Lee

    Great way to insult all the existing Buell Blast owners. Brilliant market? yeah right- making your customers the butt of your joke is brilliant marketing? It reminds me of those kids who would cowardly make fun of their own friends in order to curry favor with the popular kids. It’s the same kind of mindset at work here. I guess Buell is trying to corner the asshole market.

  • I bought a Blast for my wife because other than pocket-cruisers the only bike she could fit on was the Ninja 250 and the blast. While it isn’t the quickest bike in the world it has great handling and is very easy to ride. Buell’s next cheapest bike is twice as much money and the seat height is 5 inches higher – so I guess I keep improving the Blast and no longer have to worry about visiting a Harley dealership to get the misses a new Buell. They don’t even give you the option to email them, go figure.

  • Tom

    Every report I’ve heard from Blast owners said it wasn’t very reliable, and I know for a fact that Buell had a difficult time selling Blasts. Good beginner bike or not, if you can’t sell them, you’re better off focusing on the bikes that do sell.

  • lwatcdr

    The Blast was far from perfect. It had a lump of a motor. Well actually half a lump of a motor. I think it was half of the old Sportster motor. It was also too expensive. Put a modern motor in it and I think it would have been a very good bike. The other problem with the Buell Blast is that it was sold at Harley dealers. Of course it didn’t sell. Most people that want a Harley want a Harley and not a Buell even if it is for starting to ride. Frankly Harley would have been better off making a Honda Rebel like starter bike than the Blast from a marketing point of view.
    It is a shame. I really would love to see Buell become a well rounded Motorcycle maker. They have the sports, naked, and adventure bikes. Add in a sport touring bike, dual sport, and the Blast and they would be pretty well rounded except for touring and cruisers but I think Harley wants to keep those segments.

  • Josh

    As a 2005 Blast owner, I would like to say thanks, Buell, for tanking what little resale value my bike had. That is going to make buying that next bike a little easier, I won’t be tempted to buy a Buell.

  • Monty

    Hey that’s great. It takes a hell of a lot of time, energy, money, engineering to build even a “cute” bike such as the Blast. Why wouldn’t they donate the bikes to the Red Cross or Goodwill? An organization or individual could have put the bike to great use for at least a decade. Right? Goes to show what a bunch of Aholes work for Buell. Can you imagine taking a brand new bike and smashing it because it’s not up to par? What a waste. Thanks for showing us what a weiner you are Erik. Brainless dork…

  • Mark Prociw

    Hey Monty,

    The “2010 Blast” seen in the video is probably just a painted or slightly modded 2009 to make it look different. I’m sure they sold off their remaining Blast motorcycles instead of crushing them all into little cubes 🙂

    They probably only crushed a few for this whole marketing thing they are doing.

  • pete

    This is the work of Buell’s new ad agency Crispin Porter. They were desperate for something different from what Laughlin Constable was doing. Seems like a bonehead move on Buell’s part. This could well be a huge mistake. But big agencies don’t care, they just want to do cool ads.

  • Dahveed

    I agree, its a great marketing campaign! The blast was so far away from the rest of the product line and what the Buell brand was meant to stand for. This is a perfect way to distance yourself from the message that blast owners were getting and sending to other riders – that Buell’s are only beginners bikes.

    Perfect point, one of the above posters above got it for his wife. He made it clear that he doesn’t ride a Buell, only his wife. I’m sure Buell is happy with women riding their product, but while the hubby rides a whatever, she is on a Buell blast. It sends a signal that Buell’s are only for beginners or women. In this society, its ok for women to use men’s things, but not the other way around, so having a bunch of noobs or women on your product doesn’t convey an image that most seasoned bike buyers respect. Not the message Erik Buell wants to send.

    I think they crushed 3 of them and were selling them at one time on their web site. I’m sure the rest of the 09’s were sold as “limited Edition” items. Time will only tell if this marketing change will work.

  • Shaun

    Erik Buell got exactly what he deserved for this 12 year old mentality…. unemployment. The Blast is an awesome little entry level bike, and all the smack talk you hear about it is on the internet, so from people who prefer a keyboard to a handlebar… wtf do they know anyways? I’m on a computer during the work day, but after hours… it’s all about the ride. I’m going to find a used Blast in the wake of this and probably buy it dirt cheap.

  • Quynn

    I like my Blast, it’s the only bike that fits me. There’s not a lot of sporty bikes out there that fits a 5’3″ girl. It’s a great beginners bike and a confidence builder.

  • Tom

    The real irony is that after Harley tubed the Buell Company, the Blast will be the only “Buell” in production although it will be badged as “Blast” and made mostly for the riders edge program. You see, Harley had no other bike for this purpose. BTW I have a Blast which I have ridden 20,000+ miles and it is as reliable as a stone. Most of the maintenance can be done by the average rider. You can find a used one for a song in they are cheap to insure. It is a great little bike.I’ll bet that most of those who dis the bike have never even ridden one.

  • Martin

    In my garage there is:- a hyabusa, gsxr750, ducati 745 biposto and a buell Blast, each is different and each has a differing character. i use the Blast more than the others because its cute, rare and easy to ride. In Britain where i live its the Blast which gets the most looks. Hardcore bikers may look down on its cute and simple design but its no slouch in city traffic and keeps ahead of the pack, what good is 170+ performance in a gridlocked city? Buell management deserve their demise if the Blast was discontinued because of some shallow feelings towards cutesey bikes not having a macho image. Just remember that it was the 250 dream which launched Hondas domination in the 60s the fireblade and other hyper bikes came 30 years later