I thought at first this was a fake or mock Castrol Oil commercial but I think its real, sounds and looks like its from Asia or the Middle East somewhere, does anyone know what language this is?  Would there be any chance of this TV Ad showing up on U.S. airwaves?  I think not!

You just have to watch this after the jump.

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  • FastChariot

    This ad is from India. The bad guy speaks in the national language Hindi first. The rider is a popular figure down in South India and is speaking the language Tamil

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Mulki

    The rider is very popular South India film star called Rajnikanth.


  • Kris

    One should watch some of the hero’s(yellow shirt) earlier movies-it even more deadly:-)
    He is called Rajnikanth and he still does some stuff in the movies here which I am sure will surprise anyone!