Michael Jackson was not known for riding motorcycles, he did own a 2001 Harley-Davidson that was on the action block earlier this year that was listed for $6,000 – $8,000, I never heard if it was sold or not.  We all have our different opinions about the mega pop star but we can all agree that he was larger than life and truly a boy in a mans body, case in point, take a look at the “Speed Demon” video that features Jackson on a bicycle, motorcycle and scooter, sort of…

The “Speed Demon” video is available after the jump.

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  • John_B

    No matter what anyone thinks of Michael Jackson, he was an artist in his own right. And if it wasn’t for those who ran his life, he’d have been as normal as anyone else, and probably still alive.

  • Myra

    RIP Michael Jackson! The greatest entertainer that ever lived!
    People still don’t realize his true worth… He was the one personality that united the world .. Dancing is a part of every culture and he was well known in even the remotest villages on earth where people are illiterate and know nothing of electricity or books but they all knew who Michael Jackson was because he was a great humanitarian and spread love and joy where ever he went .. n the world will never know … 🙁