This 2001 Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycle could be yours, currently owned (I would safely assume never ridden) by the cash strapped, mega pop star Michael Jackson. In April It will be up for auction along with more than 2000 other items from the Neverland ranch in Santa Maria, CA.

Julien’s Auction in Beverly Hills estimates a price range of $6,000 – $8,000.


  • Paul Sarault

    What do I have to do to bid on Michaels Harley?Paul

  • You would have to moonwalk, drink a Pepsi and grab your crotch all at the same time! Try this link if your serious.

  • Pam Brooks

    Why would you “safely assume never ridden” when referring to Michael and the bike? Gorgeous men occasionally ride motorcycles, too.

  • i think he was sexy as hell on that motorcycle,
    i wish that i was right behind him on that bike,
    and he was perfect for that motorcycle,
    he was a dream come true to see in person,
    and in his music video,s, he was cute and sexy on that bike,
    i can,t stop talking about it, and him,

  • Ken

    cindy you are @ucking out of your right mind he was a fudge packing child rapist!! I’m glad the @ucker is dead

  • “Michael Jackson’s Harley For Sale One ‘Thriller’ of a ride”
    Так, так ))

  • Babs

    Ken I think you are this yourself. Michael is a prophet, get it.