UPDATE: Poor sti2gsxr has made it on to the Comedy Central website.

I’m shaking my head right now but I’m also thinking “Kudos, NOS, for making your energy drink so convincing that someone thought you actually use it as a fuel additive”.

Poor poor sti2gsxr over on the Gixxer.com boards posted:

My bike was running like crap on my way home from work so I stopped at a gas station to get some NOS. I poured in 2 bottles and rode it home. Well I don’t think it helped because it ran even worse on the way home and now it won’t start. Any ideas?

When shown pics of actual NOS performance enhancer and NOS energy drink, our dear friend sti2gsxr replied:

are you f@#king kidding me! now what do I do?

His post was followed up by 900+ forum members posting to make fun of him and almost 300,000 people just watching and laughing.

An Epic Fail, if I do say so myself.

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See the rest of the post for a collection of pics and a keyboard cat video dedicated to sti2gsxr and his NOS energy drink additive.

Let’s not forget Keyboard Cat to rub it in:

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Thanks to sti2gsxr, when searching for “NOS energy”, his post shows up right after the NOS Energy Drink official website in the Google search results.

Thanks sti2gsxrThe thread really is EpicHead over there to have a laugh, or better yet, SIGN UP and show sti2gsxr some love!

  • Darren

    You’ve all been succesfully trolled. Congrats!

  • King Brosby

    Oh, it’s not a troll.

    He’s sadly, sadly not kidding!

  • MPA