The Mission One motorcycle was unveiled yesterday at the TED2009 conference in Long Beach. The bike has 100 ft-lbs of torque (available at any speed or rpm) and will allegedly have a top speed of 150mph. Fully charging the lithium ion batteries takes eight hours and its range is said to be 150 miles. 50 bikes will be built and delivered early next year; for a cost of $69,000.

Forrest North, Mission Motors founder, helped engineer battery packs at Tesla Motors before starting up the company. With a current staff of 12 right now, the key for Mission Motors is to stay small and flexible. Building motorcycles is far less complex then cars without the need for a complicated assembly line for all the extra features cars contain. Before the company starts on a new and cheaper model, it aims to sell another 250 at a price not yet set.

Mission Motors has already raised $1.5 million from venture capital and angel investors but that will only be enough for the next six months.


  • I did a post about this on my blog, and I have to ask myself how many motorcycle fans would really pick these puppies up. Sure, they are eco-friendly, but probably quiet, a pain to repair and just ugly in my opinion. But we are probably all heading into a world of quiet cars and bikes anyway.

  • Kyy

    well yea they’re quiet. they’re electric 😉 that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although it will take some getting used to as i myself love the sound of a killer exhaust note. as far as repairs go, i can’t speak too much due to lack of knowledge, but i can’t imagine there is a lot to repair… batteries, suspension, wheels, and various electronics…no little engine parts that are a pain to deal with. but yes uuuugly. i’m really paying attn to new manufacturers who are dabbling in electric bikes, cuz if one comes out at a decent price, “tank” range, power output, and style, i’ll jump on it! talk about kick ass! torque everywhere (good for the adrenaline junkies), no gas required (good for the pocket book), and good for the environment (good for everyone!).

  • The designing of this motorcycle is really very fantastic.Amazing !! Keep it up.