A recent medical study is warning motorcyclists about dangers linked to the hobby that your mother never talked about. The study suggests that men who ride motorcycles are at risk of impotence and urinary problems due to the vibration of the engine damaging nerves in the area where their bathing suits cover.

The study, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, was carried out by doctors in Japan and found most motorcycle seats put excessive pressure on the perineum, that area between the anus and the scrotum. This pressure can restrict blood flow to the rider’s little soldier, which in turn causes problems when being called to stand at attention. The study also revealed vibrations from the engine caused a decrease in two growth hormones in the bladder and prostate related to bladder relaxation.

The study didn’t detail which motorcycles, engine size or the age of the bikes ridden by the participants. As many know, vibration has been reduced in later model motorcycles through technological innovations like fuel injection, mechanical balancing of engines and rubber engine mounts.

Smoking and alcohol are also known causes of impotence, which along with the aforementioned findings makes for a triple threat against most of us. Many consequences and statistics about injuries and accidents are often shared with those of us who ride motorcycles, but this could possibly be the only one that any of us would actually find frightening.

  • FZ

    Stay away from bicycle seat too if you plan to procreate.. 🙁 Is this why they call us two wheeled freaks?

  • Brings new meaning to the phrase “Crotch Rocket”?

  • BrightLibra

    Wholly smokes!

    Viagra sales are about to boom again?

  • Don

    And here I thought my wife was enjoying the extra vibration that lingered long after I’ve climbed off the bike…

  • Arachnid

    Ironic, isn’t it? The very vibrations the girls on the back get off on is causing us the opposite results.

  • Mike

    Let’s hear from you long time bikers! I’ve been riding all kinds of bikes since I was 13 years old, well over 40 years ago. Had a third son just three years ago. My wife would tell you it doesn’t take much to get my “little soldier” to salute.

  • Steve

    I have been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years too. I haven’t had any touble with impotence. My performance has been outstanding and oh how I love to practice.

  • John

    I’ve been riding for over 30 years and have owned and ridden all types and styles of bike. Never suffered from this side effect.

  • Glen

    I’ve been riding for over 30 years and have owned and ridden all types and styles of bike. Never suffered from this side effect. well into my 50’s and no problem. In fact after I done a long Saturday cruise, and see my girlfriend, My soldier has no problem rising to the ocassion!!!!