Back in November, we posted a story about motorcycle riding being linked to impotence, citing a study from Japan that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. Yes, apparently there is an entire journal with an unrelenting focus on our fun bits. I digress. Anyhoo, the study suggested that men who ride motorcycles are at risk of impotence and urinary problems due to the vibration of the engine damaging nerves in our happy place.

MO readers piped up in large numbers, adamant that years of riding hadn’t prevented their little soldier’s from standing at attention. According to patent-granted author Randall Dale Chipkar, they may be half right. “More studies are needed to determine the cause,” says Chipkar, who believes that the focus of the study was based on limited information and too few variables, making it inconclusive the motorcycle seats are the cause of impotence.

“Bicycling or hard scooter seats on rough roads are much more rigorous on the groin rather than modern day cruising seats” said Chipkar before adding, “Not to mention motorcycle rubber-mounted engines, sophisticated suspensions, smooth asphalt and contoured padded seats.”

Chipkar went one step further, admitting that such vibration can actually have positive effects. “Subtle groin vibrations increase blood flow and are actually stimulating, not debilitating on our tissues. Regular motorcycle seat vibration is not going to damage penile nerves,” Chipkar added.

Unfortunately Chipkar continues on to say that while vibration and pressure are unlikely to cause impotence, motorcycle riders aren’t in the clear. “Most motorcycles have electrical components beneath the seat. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation passes through the seat penetrating into the rider’s groin. ELF EMFs can disrupt zinc ions which are linked to impotence and erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, excessive ELF EMF invasion compromises electromagnetic homeostasis involving neuron function, hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue all linked to impotence and libido loss,” Chipkar says.

  • Theodore Ted Bulynko

    I’ve ridden motorcycles for some forty years now. I stopped ridding in 2003 when my wife passed away. I have had the erectile dysfunction as they call it for many years. I also have diabetes. They told me that because of the blood circulation with diabetes that it was probably causing erectile dysfunction. I stopped worrying about it and started to ride motor cycles again a while back. Never hearing of this article that you have written. But low and behold, my problem is now disappearing. You know, maybe ridding a motorcycle again is the cause. Better think twice before you jump to conclusion on any medical matter. But even if it were the cause; there is still rubber bands and pop sickle sticks…SMILE… Ridding a motorcycle may cause many things. I guess the worst it can cause is getting me so very excited and happy to ride one. Unfortunately, I have had this disease for a long time and will never quit ridding my motor cycle…Teddy.

  • toomanycrayons

    Well, I looked at the picture of that guy in the towel: Nothing. Should I be concerned? I ride both road racer bicycles and a Sargented VFR way too much. I also prefer my zinc ions both shaken, and stirred. Maybe The Wife is just too easily impressed. Please advise.

  • Bill G

    Motorcycles causing impotence? I doubt it. Sounds more like a study to receive a goverment grant. Many factors go into the cause of ED. One commenter mentioned one when he talked about diabetes. In addition are age and obesity and from what I see, a lot of bikers fall into the age and abesity groups as well as the biker group. If you really want to study this topic, make a poll of Urologists who ride and ask them their opinion. End of study. I would trust their opinion ahead of any goverment study. What’s next? Do heated chaps cause ED? With all the pork Washington is slopping around now-a-days, I could make a career at this.

  • Will

    I actually agree with this research. After a ride on my bike my labido and the sensation around my fruit & veg is reduced. I’m not sure the problem affects everyone since my friend had the exact same bike as me and he didn’t get the same issue. I had a break from my bike for a few months and everything started to feel normal again. I don’t want it to be my bike but it seems to be the case. I do have a particularly high revving R6 (2006)… Maybe I’ll chop it in for a lower revving R1!