The Sena Momentum Smart Helmet Series have all begun to ship with the exception of the Momentum Pro which includes the integrated 2k camera. We will publish our own in-depth review of the new models just as soon as our staff gets home from everyone corner of the world in which we are currently spread. 

Begin Press Release:


Shipping has begun for the long awaited MomentumMomentum INC, and Momentum Lite Smart Helmets. Sena has engineered this line of full face helmets from the ground up and for the first time riders will be able to hear our industry-leading technology the way it was meant to be heard, with the ideal integration of Sena’s technology creating an unrivaled audio experience.

Momentum: The first of its kind Momentum takes our top of the line 20S technology and packs it into a sleek fiberglass shell. Optimal speaker position combined with our Advanced Noise Control technology allows riders to effortlessly take calls, listen to music through their phone or the built in FM radio, audio multitasking, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, even chat through the built-in intercom with up to 8 other riders for 27 hours on one charge at a distance of up to 1.6 km (1 mile). Momentum will be available in glossy white and matte black in sizes XS-XXL and will retail for $449.

Momentum Lite: The Momentum Lite boasts our tried and true 10 series technology in the same sophisticated shell design. Like all helmets in the Momentum series, the Lite comes with all of the tech pre installed and ready to ride straight out of the box. Intercom with 3 other riders over a mile distance, connect to your smartphone to take phone calls, listen to music and GPS navigation, or the built in FM Radio and much more with the Momentum Lite. The Lite will be will retail for $399.

Momentum INC: Along with the aforementioned Momentum models, an initial limited batch of the long awaited Momentum INC (Intelligent noise control) helmet has also shipped! Using the same 20S feature set, the difference for the Momentum INC is the revolutionary integrated noise-canceling technology which still allow you to hear vital audio cues like sirens, traffic, and your RPMs. Simply toggle the “on” button and the built-in INC™ module is ready to go. The module analyzes sound information from an array of four networked microphones and adjusts in real time to phase out harmful high frequency wind noise. In addition to the INC mode, the helmet also features an Ambient Mode that can be easily switched on with a convenient button on the helmet’s exterior, allowing you to hear clearly around you without removing your helmet. The Momentum INC will retail for $549.

Each helmet within the Momentum series is DOT approved and aerodynamically designed from composite fiberglass shell with multi-density EPS for added protection in the case of impact. The helmets have an intricate ventilation system with chin and forehead air intakes, along with an exhaust port in the rear of the helmet to keep riders cool. The helmet’s visors are scratch and UV resistant, pinlock ready(Max Vision 120), and feature a quick release system for ease of use. The helmets all include quick dry lining that‘s constructed with laser-cut foam and is removable and washable along with the chin curtain. The modern design full-face helmets are secured with a reinforced, nylon strap double d-ring retention system for a safe and comfortable fit.

More to come: Sena will soon be rolling out the Momentum Pro, and the Momentum INC Pro, which both include an integrated action camera.
Please visit our YouTube Channel for more detailed information regarding the Momentum Smart helmet series.