While it doesn’t have ABS or any of that electronic mumbo jumbo, this 105-year old, 934cc Four-cylinder sold for $490K to an anonymous buyer at the 26th Annual Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction last week, making it the highest selling bike this year.

Designed by William Henderson, it is considered by many to be America’s finest early Four cylinder. This Detroit-manufactured bike is believed to be the only first-year Henderson in America to be completely original from tires to paint. Nicknamed the Duesenberg of motorcycles due to its reliability and smooth running, it was selected by Carl Stearns Clancy for his famously publicized first ever ride around the world in 1912, covering an astounding 18,000 miles through Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

You can read more about the Henderson Four and other expensive hooptys here, directly from the Mecum website.