From a ZEV press release:

ZEV has begun sales of the new LRC-X Super Scooter.

The LRC-X is an extension of the LRC motor scooter design produced for several years by ZEV.  On the outside, the X will not look much different than the standard LRC, but was developed at the request of customers for an absolute Uber Bike with a lot more speed, more range, and ripping acceleration.  The main changes are:

  • The range at 55 mph increased to 180 miles and 100 miles at 70 mph. This makes the LRC-X the world’s longest range electric bike at highway speeds that anyone can buy under $30,000 at the moment. Double the Energica EGO range, 80% more than BMW C Evo, and 46% more than the Zero with the largest battery pack at 55 mph. (ZEV measures its range by actual on the road driving while companies like ZERO use the SAE J2982 estimate method which uses dynamometer testing and estimates range.)
  • Increased battery capacity to 36 cells of 100 ah each for 28.5% higher capacity and vehicle range.
  • Speed increased from the standard LRC 81 mph. The tire speed rating is the limit with that being a P rating for a maximum of 95 mph. The plan is to have the standard X top speed set at 87 mph, but a controller program will be available for higher speeds.
  • While the motor and battery pack are good for 40 kw and we know that 115 mph speeds can be obtained on 30 kw with the body and chassis, speeds above 95 mph are beyond the limits of available sized tires. We could increase wheel diameter to allow us to run higher speed rated tires for the 115 mph, but larger diameter wheels raise seat heights and that is not what customers have asked for. The seat height will remain at 28 inches.
  • Motor torque increased from an increase in maximum amps in the power mode. Motor torque will rise to 400 Nm / 294 lb ft.
  • To encourage customers to race their LRC-X at their local IHRA dragstrip, ZEV will offer a performance controller package so that customers can set their bike for a race mode. The Portuguese dealer who will have the first X model is considering competition in the hill climbs there and in Spain.
  • The LRC-X will be sold in Europe with the controller timed to pull back maximum power after a bit flat out running to comply with the rules governing the 125cc equivalency limit for the class A drivers license.
  • Vehicle weight of the first bike produced is 496 lbs.

ZEV will be running the LRC-X at the IHRA drag races in 2017 to demonstrate on track performance. Additionally, a new GPS performance measuring system has been purchased for vehicle certification. This will go into testing and service this week and will provide documented acceleration times and speeds to be released.

Details of the new LRC-X will appear on the ZEV web site over the next weeks and or before January 1.

The new LRC-X retails for $15,950 (not including any shipping or local taxes).