Ed Sorbo of Lindemann Engineering, and the man who saved our Project Grom when we raced it for 24 hours last year, decided to form his own team for the M1GP 24-hour race this year. He did pretty well, too. His press release is below. -TS

Luck, Chance and Hope?

No.  Skill, planning and dedication.  That is what earned Dollars & Sense a class win and 3rd overall in this years M1GP 24 Hour.

The planning started with the bike choice, the bike build and enough time to do it right.  The bike was easy to ride, comfortable and consistent through out the race.  The pit strategy aimed to keep the bike on track with the least number of stops possible.

The skill came from the riders, chosen for their maturity.  With a best lap time spread of only 1.24 seconds between all six riders.  Our best lap time was 11th out of 15 teams overall and 3rd in class.  Consistency is far more important than speed in endurance racing.

The dedication showed when we got tired, sore, hungry but stuck to the schedule.  Did the work in the pits to be ready for the next stop and kept putting in the laps.

Endurance racing is fun in a different and satisfying way, we hope you join us next year.

On a personal note, Ed Sorbo is pleased to have participated in his 14th 24 hour race, riding his 79th different race bike on his 64th different track so far.  Sharing this experience were riders:  James Bush, Tommy Bencharit, Eric Anderson, Tommy Bednash and Cameron Diputado.

Dollars & Sense is sponsored by M Gymkhana, Cycle Depot and Lindemann Engineering.