You might notice some familiar names in this press release, particularly those of MO‘s own Troy Siahaan and Sean Alexander. That could only mean that their version of what unfolded during 24 hours of racing a Kymco K-Pipe 125 is forthcoming. Stay tuned for that. What follows is Kymco’s press release of the event. -TS

Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe endured and impressed at the UMRA (United Mini Racing Association) 24-Hour Endurance Race at Grange Motor Circuit, running smooth and happy to the very end, logging in around 1000 dusty desert laps on the .8-mile paved road racing track, in the heat of day and the cold of night. Official results have not yet been released. [Update: Official results have been posted, Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe finished 13th overall, 7th in class, completing 1041 laps in all. -TS]

In measure and metaphor, the clock and the race track both ran in the same direction for the entire duration of the UMRA 24-Hour Endurance Race: clockwise. Coincidence? We think not. In this 24-Hour race of mini motorcycles, that began at noon on September 10, Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe glued a new page to record books by being the first official KYMCO team competing in this grueling test of endurance, reliability, and all types of luck. Finishing 13th overall and seventh in the Formula 5 class, this historic record has been fairly well confirmed.

Facing a field of fast riders from tweener girls to three generations of moto-journalists, Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe endured four incidents on its long way around the clock. In those incidents, riders and the K-Pipe parted ways mid-lap sometimes due to competitors who were more zealous than discrete, and sometimes due to operator error. But each time, the riders remounted the K-Pipe, re-teched and rejoined the fray fairly unfrazzled. Also nearly unfazed.

KYMCO USA congratulates Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe team captain Peter Kimmanee, and riders Sean Alexander, Lance Hashida, Saul Martinez, Bill Oney, John Ryti, Troy Siahaan, and Carlos Verdenelli, on their outstanding performance. A special congratulations goes to the team rider who weighed less than the project K-Pipe only during the first half of each of his stints, while the fuel tank was above half full.

Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe ran the entire race on one set of Bridgestone Racing Slicks. Other Project K-Pipe performance features included: Cogent Dynamics rear shock, Temecula Motorcycle Service built brake line, those tires provided by Viets Performance, SBS brake pads, ProTaper handlebars, WPS handguards, DID chain, main jet, pilot jet, JT 39-tooth rear sprocket. The K-Pipe 125, like all KYMCO two-wheel offerings, has a Two-Year Factory Warranty. Customizing accessories will be available this fall.

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