According to Headwave, many riders are put off by the wiring required by most helmet speaker systems. So, it set out to eliminate the wires by not putting speakers in the helmet. What’s that, you say, no speakers? How does the sound get to your ears? The secret is transduction. The TĀG produces vibrations that create the sound inside the helmet.

Headwave calls the TĀG “the world’s first Concert Capsule,” creating an immersive sound environment the company calls “environmental listening.” Additionally, the vibrations are claimed to create deep bass tones through the vibrations that the rider feels in addition to hearing. While we’ll have to wait until we receive our test unit to verify these claims, we are very interested in seeing…hearing how the system sounds out on the open road.

Founder Sophie Willborn says, “TĀG is the only system designed purely for music – This will permanently change your riding experience.“

The TĀG unit attaches to the rear exterior of the helmet via an industrial strength adhesive that the manufacturer claims can be easily removed without marring the helmet. The slight flexibility of the TĀG allows it to adapt to the curvatures of various helmets.

The curious can read more about the Headwave TĀG at