Our friends at Motus are hard at work delivering their motorcycles, the MST and MST-R, to customers (and stay tuned, as we’re scheduled to ride one!). Motus has been shipping about three bikes a week to customers, but they’ve also been busy with other projects involving their V4 Baby Block engine. In fact, Motus has even created a website for its engine, AmericanV4.com, where people can celebrate the engine and keep track of the interesting applications users are starting to put them in. There’s even a Facebook page with more pictures and videos, too.

One of the more interesting swaps involving the V4 Baby Block involves a Polaris RZR XP1000 side-by-side which Motus, with the help of Pratt & Miller, stuffed one of its engines into. The project is part of the development for a kit which will allow other XP1000 owners to do the same with their ride. The swap replaces the standard 110 hp engine in the RZR with the 180 hp unit from Motus. Motus says you can expect 60% more power than the standard (non-turbo) engine and 25% more power than anything in the current RZR lineup.

But since words can sometimes be hard to grasp, check out the video at the bottom of the page to see the MV4-ZR-engined XP1000 go up against a standard XP1000 Turbo and leave it in its dust.

In other news, Motus has also announced Indian Motorcycle of Orange County, California, has become the company’s third authorized Motus dealer in the state. The dealership will stock a large selection of MSTs and apparel and are taking reservations on MSTs now. Email [email protected] to sign up for a demo ride or reserve your own MST.

For more information on Motus, be sure to visit the Motus website.