Two years ago, Yamaha revealed a couple of sweet-looking electric prototypes at the Tokyo Motor Show, called the PES1 and the PED1. As the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show approaches, Yamaha announced it will present two new follow-up concepts called, naturally, the PES2 and PED2.

The PED2 (Passion Electric Dirt) and PES2 (Passion Electric Street) share a monocoque frame that also houses the Yamaha Smart Power Module power unit. Yamaha did not release any specific technical information except to say the two models will offer performance equivalent to a gas-powered motorcycle in the 50cc-125cc range.

As with the original concepts, the PES2 and PED2 use lithium-ion batteries to power a DC brushless motor. Or motors, in the case of the PES2. The street model has a second motor in the front wheel hub, making it a two-wheel drive motorcycle. The front wheel also has an unusual single-sided suspension system instead of a conventional fork. Yamaha says the PES2 weighs less than 286 pounds.


In contrast, the PED2 sticks closer to a traditional dirtbike design. Whereas the original PED1 was designed specifically for off-road use, the PED2 is equipped with mirrors, a headlight, turn indicators and a license plate holder, making it street legal. Yamaha claims a weight of just 220 pounds for the PED2.


Yamaha had previously said it planned to produce production versions of the PES1 and PED1 concepts. Of the two new concepts, the PED2 looks like a more realistic production model, though there’s still a ways to go before we see a final version of either machine.

[Source: Yamaha]