Today at the Tokyo Motor Show Yamaha premiered this, the PES2, an electric sportbike concept incorporating technologies Yamaha says could be “the future of road-going sports bikes.” Details are slim besides what’s given in the photos and the accompanying video, but Yamaha does note that a second motor is housed within the front wheel, meaning the PES2 has two-wheel drive.

With the addition of the “smart helmet,” sensors and cameras can correspond with the helmet via an in-helmet display system, providing information to the rider through high-sensitivity image sensors and augmented reality.

Other noteworthy features we can see from these photos include front and rear cameras, a minimalist, almost hollow, tail section, and a futuristic gauge cluster revealing lights for different power modes. Keen eyes will also see a gear indicator, though a traditional shifter is non-existent. However, something resembling a clutch lever is clearly visible. A single KYB fork tube comprises the majority of the front suspension, with something resembling a Hossack-style arm providing additional support.

Further details on the PES2 concept aren’t available, but considering the amount of interest the bike receives, don’t rule out a future electric sports motorcycle from Yamaha.