Many of us have childhood memories of building plastic scale replica models of our favorite motorcycle. For Peter Manning, his fondness for model building followed him into adulthood. A motorcyclist since the age of 16, he’s teamed up with an established vacuum forming and tooling company in West London to create full size motorcycle kits. The first of which is this, the Route 66 Classic.

According to Manning’s site,, the Route 66 Classic is based on “typical 1960s classic American motorcycles.” We’re guessing he means Harley-Davidsons. According to the site, over 180 parts make up the plastic model, most of which are vacuum formed ABS plastic components, plus small parts and fixings like metal handlebars and side stand.

Much of the engine and running gear components are formed integrally with the four frame and engine parts to ensure simple assembly and an affordable product. However, as real as the final product looks, the model doesn’t roll, as the wheels are fixed in order to help give the model strength and rigidity. All told, the finished bike measures 93 inches long, 42 inches high and 32.5 inches wide. Combined with its reported weight of 35 pounds, the Route 66 Classic can easily be picked up and moved around as a shining display of your childhood talent.

Not surprising, Manning says he’s received a lot of interest about his model from Americans. If you’re one of those interested parties, the West Londoner is currently seeking distributors in the States to help sell his kits. Otherwise, Manning claims shipping charges to the U.S. would amount to a third of the cost of the model, which itself costs £525.00, or roughly $775.00 at current exchange rates. 

If the Route 66 Classic doesn’t scratch your model building itch, Manning says future models could include a Triumph Bonneville, Manx Norton or a classic Vespa scooter. Visit for more information.