Energica Motor Company, manufacturers of the Energica Ego electric motorcycle, experienced big gains in 2014. The company is continuing the momentum it started in last year and bringing it into the new year, announcing its first Canadian dealer: W.C. Distributing, in Heisler, in the province of Alberta. 

“Developing a sales network adds value to the project”, says Livia Cevolini, “it shows how dealers believe in our business. First of all Energica dealers are our partners: we are going to build a successful global brand with them”.

The owners of W.C. Distributing have a passion for motorcycles that led them to the electric field. The new dealer goes along with Energica’s policy that’s focused on building a green sustainable future:

“We believe in the future of the electric motorcycle and have a real passion for them,” says Sven Bernard, W.C. Distributing owner.

Find out more about Energica and the new dealers network on www.energicasuperbike.com.