Whenever we post a story about electric bikes on this site, there’s always a much greater number of pessimists and detractors than there are fans of the technology. Well, here’s another gas vs. electric video, so get your keyboards ready. This time we have a story of a Zero FX converted to supermoto trim, and raced by Doug Smith against gas bikes in the Supermoto USA series at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California.

We use the term “converted” loosely, as the most basic change is a swap to the S wheels and street rubber. However, stock, the FX puts out 70 ft-lb of torque — considerably more than your average 450cc MX bike. Its 44 horses is on par, if not slightly lower than some 450s, but the FX really suffers in the weight department. Still, this doesn’t stop Doug Smith from hanging, and passing, plenty of his competitors on gas bikes.

Smith admits in the video he still has to work on his skill and racecraft on the bike, but we can see he’s clearly holding his own. Now, for those e-bike detractors out there here’s a question for you: if you were a racer and an electric bike gave you an advantage over your gas competition, would you make the switch?