Honda, owner of renowned trials bike manufacturer, Montesa, is offering a limited number of Cota 4RT models in the United States for 2014.

The Cota 4RTs are competition-ready machines designed for serious competitors and weekend trials enthusiasts alike. The 2014 models are powered by a 260cc, 4-stroke Single with electronic fuel injection that features a decompression system for reducing reverse engine torque, making the 4-stroke engine resemble the free-wheeling effect of a 2-stroke. Other highlights include a quick-shifting five-speed transmission, Showa suspension and extra-wide footpegs.

The limited edition Cota 4RTs are painted in Repsol racing colors (Orange/White/Red). MSRP is $8,999 and will be available in April.

Orders for the 2014 Montesa Cota 4RT can be placed at