Today, Victory Motorcycles released two photos to tease an upcoming 2015 early release model. The information we have on this model could be summed up in a sentence or two, but we’ll try to milk it for a little more because a couple paragraphs looks a little better on the page.

Victory Gunner Freedom 106 engine

The 2015 Victory Gunner will apparently use the Freedom 106 engine.

What we know is: The motorcycle will be called the Victory Gunner. The Gunner will be a bobber. Based on the heavily cropped photo, the Gunner will use the Freedom 106 engine which was first introduced in 2009. The name implies the displacement the 50° V-Twin in cubic inches. Unless something dramatic changes from the 2014 models, the six-speed will make use of 110 ft-lb of torque produced by the two 101 X 108 mm cylinders. However, the fact that the Gunner carries the Freedom 106 doesn’t really tell us anything because every Victory model has featured the engine since 2011.

What else do we know? How about that the Victory Gunner will have two wheels and, most likely, be styled to show a family resemblance to other Victory Motorcycles.

Yes, we’re as curious as you are. We will keep you posted on any news we hear about the Gunner.

[Source: Victory Motorcycles]
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