LeoVince USA today announced a global update regarding distribution partners. Promet sp zoo, the former Polish production facility building many of the LeoVince and Sito branded family of products, will immediately be reactivated to build and continue the international sales of all the LeoVince and Sito branded products.

Promet will begin to implement the staffing and build-out of a new research and development department to drive the production of existing and newly developed products. The objective of this alliance is to boost the international presence of the LeoVince and Sito brands and continue to support its strong network of dealers.

Tim Calhoun CEO of LeoVince USA states: “We are happy to make this announcement as this has been a leading brand in the North American market for more than a decade now and we have a loyal base of dealers and riders that know and appreciate all that the LeoVince brand stands for. Our quality, attention to detail and the performance we provide along with the durability our products offer have won us a legion of enthusiasts. More details of this partnership and the newly activated Promet operation will be forthcoming throughout the first quarter of 2014.

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